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A Tired Wife

I love photos of churches. From the most modest to the most grand, they are simply beautiful!

Mama Dawg

That's a nice shot. I hate it though when I see a beautiful shot and there's a stinkin' power line that ruins the whole shot. Sigh....technology stinks sometimes.

Ellie Belen

You inspire me constantly.

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, very pretty!


Very nice.

Mr Farty

Nice shot. Now see if you can photoshop out the power lines. Seriously.

Captain Dumbass

This one reminds me of Needful Things.


Beautiful! I'm excited to see your pix, they are always amazing - have fun!


Photography is awesome! It is a great, and not so expensive anymore, (as far as "film" goes) (film? what is film?) hobby to get into!

the Mayor

After 3 years of living on Little Traverse Bay I know that street well. Nice picture.

unmitigated me

Thank you, Mrs. Mayor, ma'am.

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