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That last paragraph was humor, right? If not, it sounds like you are suggesting that a little technology should suffice as a substitute for purpose and intention.

I fear that I am misunderstanding something somewhere - as always.


It sounds like that kind of, but the book’s point is that you need to understand the focus of a particular shot for framing purposes. In other words, I want to show the solitude of the old man on the bench. If I don’t include enough of the empty park around him, I won’t get my point across. All I meant is that if I include too much, I can edit and achieve the same goal. With film, unless you develop your own, this was not the case. I agree, though, that purpose and intention are not completely covered by technology.

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, those are great! I really need to validate my Picknik (however it's spelled) account for the free year and get to playing. I'm seeing some amazing things come out of this site!

Captain Dumbass

I like the lomo effect on the last pic.

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